The Barbarian Dude is back !

Hey guys,

due to the popular demand the Barbarian Dude is back on the Online Store available for purchase!

It took long than expected because I didn't want to make a simple recast (after all, it was a limited edition) but I sincerely wanted to fulfill the request of people who love the miniature but didn't manage to get it on time.

At last I decided to make a slightly converted version of the Dude (thanks to Vittorio for the suggestions)... basically it's still the same model with a new weapon, a (removable) fur cape and few minor fixes.

It ended up a sort of an "enhanced" version of the old Barbarian Dude... hope you'll enjoy !

The fur cape is removable so if you prefer a "nude" look similar to the first version you can go with it:

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  1. Hello,

    First: I am a big fan of your Barbarian Dude and you are a great sculptor.
    But why do you make it limited edition runs if you just change some details and sell it again? I don't think that is the sense of a limited edition figure.

    Best wishes,

  2. Ty for the Re Dux!! I missed him first time! like the cloak on him too.

  3. Hi Raffa,
    re-releasing the Barbarian Dude was not an easy decision (it comes more than a year later indeed).
    When it was released a year ago I didn't imagine such a positive response, I received a number of requests that largely exceeded the number of limited copies I had planned.
    There are a lot of people who loves the model and didn't manage to get it because it went sold out in few days, yet there are the ones who have purchased the miniature and I don't want to spoil them so the best compromise that came to my mind was to make an "alternative edition", similar to the old one but somehow new.
    Next time I'll wisely plan the things ahead, maybe through some sort of crowdfunding.

    all my best,

  4. Having gotten in on the first one, my only complaint is there is only one new version available ;) Crowdfunding a set of barbarians, including females would be awesome but I imagine it would be nerve wracking and stressful.

  5. Thank you very much for this release!!!! I prefer the last one with axe, but this new model is awesome too

    Thank you very much Emanuele!!

    P.S: If you do a crowdfunding, with this detail level...count on me to participate in that crowdfunding!!

  6. ♪Thank youuuuuuuu!!♪

    I've been waiting for a while for this one, having missed out on the original Barbarian Dude. Sure, I would have preferred the Redux version with the axe, but I understand why you made the change. And I agree with Samurai Jack; a female Barbarian Dudette would be a nice follow-on if the itch strikes you.

  7. The cape reminds me to my version if the first dude.

  8. I love this version too, well done buddy!

    By the way, Ema told me about this chance since there're so many people asking for a re-release, but he thought like me that it would not be correct to cast other copies, so we spoke about a different version with different parts in this way the owners of the first one will not be disappointed (I have some copies too). In my point of view it's enough different, but by the way it's only opinion.

  9. Got my Babarian Dude (Redux) today ... looking great and as a Diablo-Fan it's nice to have a Barb in miniature-collection.

    Have to let you know, that my Barbarian Dude didn't survived the travel to germany. His right leg broke of. It's a clean cut through the resin and should be easy to fix. Maybe you should package your next miniatures more carefully.

    1. sorry to hear that, it never happened before.
      contact me via email with the details, I should be able to provide a replacement

  10. Got my Barbarian Dude (x2) last night! The envelope was a bit beat up, but the figures were just fine. I can't thank you enough for putting this one out and am in love with the figure, simply fantastic!

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