New release, Ronin Dude bust!

It's been quite some time since the last news... finally a new personal project is ready to be released, the Ronin Dude bust!

It's a 1/9 scale model bust, humbly inspired to the amazing Takehiko Inoue artworks.
I probably got a bit lost along the way so it ended up being its own thing... hope you like it!

Can be preordered on the new online store:

It will be produced in a strictly limited run of 150 high quality resin copies, if interested reserve your copy while they last!

Thanks as always for your interest!

The Barbarian Dude is back !

Hey guys,

due to the popular demand the Barbarian Dude is back on the Online Store available for purchase!

It took long than expected because I didn't want to make a simple recast (after all, it was a limited edition) but I sincerely wanted to fulfill the request of people who love the miniature but didn't manage to get it on time.

At last I decided to make a slightly converted version of the Dude (thanks to Vittorio for the suggestions)... basically it's still the same model with a new weapon, a (removable) fur cape and few minor fixes.

It ended up a sort of an "enhanced" version of the old Barbarian Dude... hope you'll enjoy !

The fur cape is removable so if you prefer a "nude" look similar to the first version you can go with it:

Wamp Awards 2013: Best Fantasy Sculpt!

Hey guys, I'm really happy to announce that the Barbarian Dude placed 1st of "Best Fantasy Sculpt" on the Wamp Awards 2013! 

An huge THANK YOU for having shown you support and appreciation!

Congratulations to master sculptors Yannick, Mikh and Carmine who were the other nominees in that category!

*** For everyone asking for a re-release of the Dude I just can say I'll have great news very soon, sign up to the newsletter to stay updated ***


Wow, it's been a long time since the last update... finally something new!

Here a little chick I sculpted for the nice guys (and friends) at Sergeant Black Art based on a nice concept by Roberto Cirillo.

They are releasing it as a very limited edition figure to celebrate one year of their blog... just 120 copies availables!

You can buy her (along with other great minis) on their Online Shop

The Barbarian Dude

After so long I finally manage to finish a new personal project, a big and bad barbarian dude!
It's freely inspired to the art of the amazing Simon Bisley as well as to the old good Ilyad barbarians sculpted by "le dieux" Jacques Alexandre Gillois.

It's a 32mm "heroic" scale model (same as GW characters), but since it's meant to be a very big guy it's almost 40mm at the top of his head.
Scuplted out of Fimo and Magic Sculp.

If you are interested you can find a Limited Editon run of resin casts on the Online Store

I hope you'll enjoy!

Old Stuff...

Some of my old personal works, 30-35mm scale models sculpted out of Fimo and Green Stuff... they are old, really old but it's funny to see how everything started.

Psycho Lucy - Little Toxic Girl

Girl in Bunny Suit

Cyborg Mum